Monday, December 29, 2008

One Day Left to push for commuter rail


One day left to help bring commuter rail to the North Front Range.

In connection with Colorado Department of Transportation’s (CDOT) North I-25 Draft Environmental Impact Statement (NI25 DEIS) and to provide viable transportation choices for the movement of people and goods in the Northern Front Range (NFR), we support: necessary safety upgrades on I-25, mass transit components of Package A, and most specifically commuter rail connecting city centers on existing track from Fort Collins to Longmont, there connecting with Denver Metro FasTracks and RTD bus routes.

Please submit comments supporting the components of Package A above directly to CDOT before the public comment period ends December 30, 2008:

Phone for comments and/or questions:

(970) 352-5455 or (303) 779-3384.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I have decided James Shore knows Agile

I have been reading through James Shore's Top ten articles about Agile software development and I have decided the man knows what he is talking about. I started with The Decline and Fall of Agile which only served to back up what Mary Poppendieck said in her presentation "Is Agile a Fad?" at the October 27th Agile Denver meeting. I have since been reading other articles and have been impressed with knowledge. Here is his top ten list:

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Book Update: Can Wizards4Word help?

I was just feeling overwhelmed with the management of my book project, Battle Gaming: The New American Sport. I recently decided that chapters 7,8,9, and 10 had to be scrapped and replaced with whole new reorganized set of chapters. The current content looks something like

Part I - Playing the Games
1 - A New Kind of Sport
2 - Safety First
3 - Quick Start Guide
4 - The Games
5 - Combat in Detail
6 - On the Battle Field

Part II - Equipment
7 - What You'll Need
8 - Technology of Foam Padded Weapons
9 - Swords and Long Blade Weapons
10 - Handheld Weapons
11 - Tips and Tricks of Weapon Construction
12 - Thrown Weapons
13 - Archery and Arrows
14 - Shields
15 - Armor
16 - Uniforms and Costuming
17 - Game Props

Part III - Running the Games
18 - The Organizations (Dagorhir, Belegarth, Amtgard, Darkon)
19 - Doing it Your Way - Starting a Club
20 - The Successful Game Day
21 - Building on Success

Each of the chapters are split into multiple section files in word. This has made writing much easier since a section is on a very specific topic and covers only a few pages. The problem is that I now have 37 folders containing 348 files. Even though some are just images and diagrams or research items, I am still having a some difficulty keeping it all organized.

I was checking out the Book Master system ( that is provided by Wizards4Word to see if that might help. I found a few good reviews, but if anyone has some more information about this product, I welcome hearing from you. Feel free to post a comment. Thanks - Dave

Monday, November 3, 2008

Writing the Battle Gaming Book Update

Here are were things are at with the new book.

Currently the title is "Battle Gaming: The New American Sport." I am not sure if this is the title that will exist for the release. Margaret had suggested "Battle Gaming Made Fun." The problem I had with this title is that it implied that Battle Gaming was not fun to begin with (on the contrary it is quite fun).

Overall the book is coming together well. I still wish to have a draft out by the end of the year. I have now been printing each section I work on so as to have a binder that represents the entire book. Still do not know how many pages I have. I am trying to keep it under 300 pages in an effort to keep the price of the book down.

Last week activities included:

I was working on the Open Battle Gaming System Dagorhir Variance Document. This is a document that allows players who read the book to convert the books Open Battle Gaming System rules into a set that matches the Dagorhir rule set. As always this force me to loop through yet another revision of the Open Battle Gaming System.

I also spent a good bit of time working on developing a chart categorizing various real weapons to Open Battle Gaming System weapons. This was a nightmare because historical weapon taxonomy is an art more than a science. I ended up writing a few paragraphs about the whole tangled mess of categorizing historic weapons and then went on to just start a table that made sense for most people who are familiar with the common names of weapons used in role playing games. The table is not finished and likely will continue to get updates until the time of publishing.

This weekend was spent attacking the games in Chapter 3. I created my game information rendering template and ran my first mail merge against the Excel spreadsheet I have been loading with games. It was gratifying to see pages and pages of battle game descriptions come out in a good readable form. Of course the spread sheet is still incomplete. I have also taken a hard look at consolidating and reducing the number of games. I am working on how to describe the unique qualities of each game and then reference combining them with other games. I am working on removing redundancy (after all how many versions of zombie can one read about). I think the result will be more concise, with an objective of reduced volume (to keep the price down) along with maximum useful information content.

My objective is to by the end of the year have a draft that I can send out to reviewers. Things are coming together so well I think I may make this deadline.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Reading Update

I noticed that Amazon has rearranged there Pictures on there server so my Blog site looks like a partly built web site or one that is dieing. They always say, copy the pictures locally for your links, but who has time to do that! I will try to get back in the next few days to update things when I can.

Made me realize how far behind I am on updating what I am reading. Things I have read in the past few months include:

Will and I completed the second Warrior series. Felt the first, second, and fifth books were good, while the third and fourth were pretty much filler that stretched out the plot line too long.

Got going on finances listening and re listening to "Your Broke Because You Want to Be" and "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind"

Currently finishing up the Eragon trilogy with Will. Found the books to be derivative works. Really liked the details he puts in, that boy has an eye for detail. Have difficulty with the rate of advancement of the characters. I think this may be the difference between the video game generation where video games players are used to quick advancement and the old rpg generation where we play a campaign for 5 years before our characters have any reasonable amount of power.

With Audrey I have been through most of the Rainbow Fairy and related books. We are now reading works by Gail Carson Levine. I have also picked up a new book "How to Ditch Your Fairy" which we have not started. I hope that this book will give a different view of the whole fairy genre that Audrey is infatuated with.

As for myself, I am mostly rereading titles to find material for the book. This includes going back to Bruce Lee, Miyamoto Musashi, and John Clements among others.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Most People Don't Get It!

I finally put my speech Most People Don't Get It into a movie. Check it out.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Quiet Summer on the Blog

Things have been very quiet this summer on the blog. I have been mostly working long hours at PTC where we are a bit under the gun to get things out. I also took 2 1/2 week vacation where we drove from Colorado to Rhode Island, Mass, and Maine. It was fun to show the kids the North West.

Mostly the reason the blog will continue to be quiet is that I am focusing most of my additional energy on my new book "Battle Gaming: The New American Sport" which I was hoping to have out this year. The book really is not new. The first 97 pages were written in 1997 back when it was a book about Dagorhir. It has had two major rewrites since them and should fall out at somewhere between 250 and 300 pages. It features Amtgard, Belgarth, Dagorhir, and Darkon. With rules and instructions for new people just starting into Battle Gaming. I will share more as the time is right.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Monday, April 28, 2008

Fantasy Festival Collection still looking for new home

The Fantasy Festival Collection is still looking for a new home. Perhaps at a Renaissance Festival or other Medieval Festival. The collection contains 52 different plywood set pieces with lots of cool pictures. Call me at 970-484-4577 if you are interested in aquiring it. Pictures are availabe on my Flickr account
Dragon Head

Friday, April 18, 2008

Extreme Leadership Model Explained: LEAP

In Steven Farber’s book the "The Radical Leap: A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership", he lays out the principles for the Extreme Leadership model.  He uses the acronym LEAP to express this model.  It stands for Love, Energy, Audacity, and Proof.

Love – For an individual coming to the Extreme Leadership model from the business community you will likely look at this first principle as awful “foo-foo”.  It is likely that you are taking it in the wrong context.  What Steven Farber is talking about is love of work, love of community, or love of vision.  What he is really talking about here is passion and flow.  It is evident that individuals will work harder at things they are passionate about.  That this will lead to flow.  The Extreme Leadership model is about leading people into that place of passion and flow.

Energy – The Extreme Leadership model emphasizes the need for energy.  Although this is often a natural consequence of the passion and flow described by the Love principle, it is a necessary ingredient for the success of any endeavor.  The lack of energy is often an indication that the Love component has been lost.  In the Extreme Leadership model the goal is to lead a group into a positive feedback loop around energy.  It is to create a space where energy always spiraling upward.

Audacity – This principle of Extreme Leadership is about the unexpected.  Audacity can be defined:

  • Fearless daring; intrepidity.

  • Bold or insolent heedlessness of restraints, as of those imposed by prudence, propriety, or convention.

  • An act or instance of intrepidity or insolent heedlessness

It shows its self in several ways within the leadership process.

First, people are inspired by audacious acts.  They gravitate to the daring individual.  It is quite a bit tied to the hero myths.  The character Indiana Jones is an excellent portrayal of audaciousness that our culture embraces.  Everyone wants to be the hero.  When an extreme leader acts in a way that is perceived to be heroic, he earns credibility.

Second, ideas stick when they are simple unexpected concrete credible emotional stories.  Audacious actions and ideas often lead to these types of stories.  The audaciousness particularly feeds the unexpected part of the story.

Third, there is a fine but very clear line between audacious and obnoxious when it comes to actions.  Both audacious and obnoxious actions are often bold, insolent and run counter to convention.  Despite this people do clearly see the difference.  The reason for this is that obnoxious actions are always self serving.  Audacious actions are always in service of other.  As long as people can clearly see that your actions are in service of another person or a bigger cause, they will perceive your action as audacious and not obnoxious.


Proof – In the Extreme Leadership model proof is the difference between a leader and a poser.  The former being the individual who can deliver the goods, the latter being the individual who pretends to be part of the crowd.  Proof is about linking your words and your actions and creating a sense of integrity around your leadership.  It delivers the credibility you need to make your message stick and draw people to your activity.

Leadership Learning:

In this article I have explained the LEAP concept of the Extreme Leadership model.  In a future article I will explain the OS!M and the edge.  I highly recommend that anyone who wishes to be fully indoctrinated in to the Extreme Leadership model to read Steve Farber’s "The Radical Leap: A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership."

Thursday, April 17, 2008

OS!M alone may not be enough!

When talking about Extreme Leadership, Steve Farber, as late has been emphasizing the OS!M moment.  It is the at the core focus of his new Audio set "Extreme: Leadership: In Pursuit of the OS!MI must admit that pursuit of OS!M will get you to places you never thought you could go.  I know that from firsthand experience.  But it is only a means, and I have discovered more recently it is not always a means that gets you to your ends.

The floundering leadership project:

My "leadership project" as it would be called in the CTI world is the initiative.  Now I have been working on this idea in some form or another since 2005.  I also know that I have taken a break from it for February and March of 2008.    I was cranking up some great OS!M in January 2008 and things looked promising.  Then work stopped.  Why?

It became apparent to me that I was OS!Ming without the desired results. A typical OS!M activity to support Extreme Standardization was intended to build a network of allies. I would then make my sales pitch encouraging them to join the project.  The concrete goal was to establishing a board of directors. I would try to get some commitment of support as an ally to make the project vision come to life.  My response almost always was "that’s great Dave", "neat idea", or "let me know how it works out."

A relationship between Proof and Credible:

I recently read “MADE to STICK” by Chip and Dan Heath.  I specifically chose this book because I knew my message was not going through.  In the book they outlined the six criteria for a sticky idea. They are:







When I examined this list it became apparent to me that the one criterion that I was completely missing was Credible.  I was using my OS!M to get to meet people that could really make this project effective.  I was getting polite reception of the idea.  Yet it is apparent, that I am not a seen as a credible individual to pull off such a project.  I lacked one of the key ingredients in the Extreme Leadership model – Proof.

I have no credibility because there is no proof that my idea will ever catch on and work.  Since I realized that I was missing one of the key pieces to the LEAP model (Proof), I decided to re-examine where I was with relationship to the entire LEAP model.  What I found was since my January sprint I had lost Energy in the entire project.  Why?

Moving your stake and the Energy drain:

In the CTI world we talk a lot about establishing a stake that you or your project stands for and sticking to that stake.  As I was networking in January of 2008 I was getting a lot of great practical advice.  I was not getting much in the way of Audacious advice.  I was starting to apply more of this practical advice to the project.  In many ways the project was becoming more appealing as a sale to an investor.  That was great!  The only problem was, I was not as interested in the project in its new slick form.  For me the project was always about working from the grass roots up.  I recently realized that the stake had moved.  The movement was sight, but just enough to move it out of the center of my Energy field.

Leadership leanings:

That acting on OS!M is not enough.  You must embrace the entire Extreme Leadership model and stay true to the LEAP principles.  Without the Proof, you will not achieve your goals. 

Chip and Dan Heath discuss that it is possible to create your own credibility.  In future article I will discuss how I intend to create credibility and proof to support the Extreme Standardization Project.

Friday, April 4, 2008

The We Can Solve it Campaign Jumps to over 1 Million People

Al Gore has been spearheading a campaign to make Climate Change mitigation the top priority for government, industry, and individuals. He has been pushing his "We Can Solve It" campaign all last month trying to drive the number of people over 1,000,000 signed up to support and participate in this process. It is an amazing achievement and I was privy to the amount of work that went into driving this campaign. I say good work to all those involved!

Please join the campaign and add your voice to the choir at

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

If only Virgle was a real project

Something happened when I was a child. I was an environmentalist and loved the woods and outdoors. Then Regan began a campaign against the environment while I was in high school. I lost my faith that we humans were going to save our environment. I gave up on the earth.

I was a high school kid and very interested in science and technology. I grew up on Star Trek and Star Wars in the post Apollo era. As a result I decided that Space was where our future lies. I did not pursue becoming the environmental scientists in college. Instead I turned to Space and earned a Bachelors of Science in the Space Sciences.

I remember the time leading up to my decision for the Space Sciences. I was a geeky high schooler sitting on my bed reading non-fiction books about the planets and stars. The most interesting books I had were the ones on colonizing other planets and in particular mars.

So even though I can appreciate the humor of the Virgle April Fools Project, I am also saddened by the lack of progress humanity has made in this area. Frankly, I would find a good joke on the world to be if Google and Virgin actually turned around and did the project. Ah, I am back in my fantasies again.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Other Game Company to add new card products

The other day I wrote The Other Game Company (TOGC) to tell them what I was up to and what I needed from them. Here is what I had to say:

Dear Other Game Company

I love your cards and I am currently using them to teach two game groups the d20 system.

To help them along I have a sheet of paper with a square for the right hand and a square for the left hand in which they can place your equipment cards. This allows the players to specify what they are using and change things around during combat.

On that same piece of paper are 3 more squares two Standard Action squares and a Free Action square. In one Standard Action square the spell casters can place your spell cards. I have some business cards I printed the names of the common actions “move, run, draw weapon, etc”which the players can place in there standard action boxes. The players can choose to place a full action card across both boxes.

What I would really like is a set of quality Action cards. Things like “Draw Weapon” which explains that this is a normal action unless you have the quick draw feat in which case it is a free action. Or “Concentrate on a Spell” which has all the concentration penalties listed based on the surrounding conditions. Things like that.

I down loaded the Healing Fireball Productions Combat Cards from RPGnow. They are useful as quick references but do not fill my needs.My goal is to speed up combat by simply allowing the players to lay down a set of cards representing thier actions. Less time explaining, less Munchkin (a big problem when I run my son’s game).

You are the guys who make great cards. I hope you will take up this challenge.

Dave Graham

Here is what they had to say in response to this request.

thanks for your ideas!

We're planning two new card products, and something like Action Cards is one of them. Newcomers have always been the main focus of our attention when it comes to cards - right now we're in the planning stage of how to pull a project like that off.

I can't give you an ETA right now, as TOGC has some major changes coming. We're about to relaunch or site, so watch that space.

FYI: the upcoming update for the Complete Item Cards will include a sheet for all equipment a character can carry. This will be similar to the sheet you're using, minus the places for action cards - but I'll think about incorporating something like that. So thanks again!

Stefan Pietraszak,

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Map of An Inconvenient Truth

I was notified by Ken Mankoff of that there is now a Google map that is related to the The Inconvenient Truth. This map apparently has both locations of presentations to educate people on climate change as well as items of interest that are being impacted by climate change.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Denver Post runs a peep show

Okay it is not what it sounds like. My friend Andrea Schweitzer sent me this one. And it was sooo cute (sickeningly cute some would say), I had to post it. Go see the entire show here at the Denver Post web site.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Giant Cat at Lee Martinez Park

Monday the 17th (Saint Patricks Day) was a snowy morning in Fort Collins. It was a paricularly wet sticky snow which we only see in spring. Great snow for snowmen. Pictured is Nichole (friend), Audrey (daughter) and Will (son) along with our creation. We sent the photo to the Coloradoan Newspaper and they posted it to their web site.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Big Dog Robot walks like a real pack horse

This completely blew my mind. It is clear that these people really studied and simulated the four footed pack animal. I watch this video and cannot believe that there is not a couple of very skinny people inside that machine. This technology will truly change the world.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Randy Pausch "Last Lecture" a must see for all

I have noticed that when I am home with the kids I don't get much "Work" done. Some how I don't do much writing on my book, I don't do dishes, laundry, or vacuuming in a timely manor. I don't like keeping up on quicken. It is even hard to do my telecommuting work for CoCreate. I often feel guilty for not getting enough done. I find myself doing things with the kids. Everything from sledding on a snow day to setting up games or art projects (and then doing the projects with them). I just like to play too much. So when I viewed this video I suddenly let go of the guilt and realized I was doing it right.

This is certainly a must see for everyone.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Great time to convert to d20 gaming

As many of us who play Dungeons and Dragons know the fourth edition will arrive in June of 2008. That said, it looks like the focus of 4 will be improved playability at higher levels and an effort to make game play more aligned with video gaming technology and expectations.

Now I am running two campaigns right now. Both of which were using version 1.0 to 2.0 rules depending on what you are doing plus a bunch of custom rules. My friend Dave Miller has been hounding me for the last three sessions asking for "a set of skill rules we can understand and use".

Well after doing a bunch of research, I determined that the skill problem was solved with the d20 system of Dungeons and Dragons v3.0. So I am converting all of my games to the d20 system. I have ordered used Dungeons and Dragons 3.0 Players Handbooks for all the players (only $5-$6 each + $4 shipping on Amazon). For myself I purchased used 3.0 Dungeon Masters Guide, Monster Manual, Monster Manual II, and Monster Manual III (3.5) all were between $11 and $13 each.

I had been avoiding 3.x because it was so different from the 20 years of knowledge I already have. There was also was an issue of investment. I have lots of 1.0 and 2.0 stuff. Who wants to throw down $30 a book to get the same game only repackaged. Now with 4.0 coming, 3.0 stuff is cheep and 3.5 will start dropping soon.

The other nice thing about waiting 8 years on d20 is that now there is a rich collection of 3rd party products for the Dungeons and Dragons 3.x d20 system. In fact it was getting hard to find things on the net that had not been "contaminated" with d20.

So, I have decided it is a great time to convert to d20 gaming. Unfortunately I will need to retrain all of my players. I am learning a lot, after all: "The best way to learn something is to teach it."

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Millennium Falcon Computer

Okay, I admit there have been days when I have felt like doing this to my computer. You must understand that at home I have the Millennium Falcon computer. It is an old clunker with a warp engine. Basically, a few months back I upgraded the processor to a 3.5 GHz Dual Core AMD processor with new motherboard and video card. I then restored all my old PCI cards and hard drives some of which go back to about 1998.

Lets just say that after fighting to get it to accept my Raid card and my raid drives, which it never did. After getting it to accept my DVD drive, my video capture card, Zip drive, SCSI card, scanner, I was left with a computer that was somewhat unstable. First it would only run for ~10 minutes at a time. This was because it would perform an auto shutdown after it got too hot.

After installing 3 fans and moving one of the raid drives to an external USB box and loosing some 20% of my data; after one of my raid drives was fried, which I blame on the new motherboard; after adjusting and re-adjusting the air flow, I am still left with a system that is less than stable.

Margaret refuses to use the computer. She just doesn't understand that when everything seems to freeze up all you need to do is to unplug the D drive (USB) and turn it off, then plug it in again and turn it back on. If you do this, all of a sudden the windows will start working again. She just doesn't get it that if you cannot find the DVD, all you need to do is go to the device manager and scan for new hardware on the raid controller (now used as just an IDE controller) and it will appear again. She does not understand that all you need to do is open the sliding glass window behind the computer (in Winter) before you rendering your movie file if you wish it to complete without the computer overheating (not sure what I will do this summer).

What can I say, it is the Millennium Falcon.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Green candidates and nuclear futures

The Grist has put together a nice comparison of the green position of each candidate. What I noticed from studying it is that there is not much different between Clinton and Obama. I found it interesting that Obama is open to thinking about nuclear energy. I think this reflects his personal style of being open minded to new ideas. I am not a strong supporter of nuclear energy myself, but I do believe there has been a lot of advancements in the field that are not reflected in the public's current understanding of the subject. Recently, the kids and I have been watching the Thunderbirds. In the future of the Thunderbirds, almost everything is nuclear powered. It is a clean energy that only has a few safety problems that can be easily solved by the Thunderbirds and International Rescue. :)

The Thunderbird villain stands next to a nuclear reactor of the "future".

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dungeons and Dragons Designer Gary Gygax has passed away

In a great irony of my life. Tuesday evening is the time that I run a Dungeons and Dragons game for my son Will(9), and his friends Beau(9) and Bjorn (12). Last night they were currently finishing up module B2: The Keep on the Borderlands written by Gary Gygax (a module that was created with the 6th to 11th publication of the basic D&D set). We play by the rules of AD&D version 2, but I incorporate some of every version.

Before we started to play last night, in honor of the man who started it all, we read the introduction to the first addition of the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons handbook. In it Gary Gygax recites his struggle to bring the game to the next level of play and the work he put forth to get it there.

My father purchased the basic game in 1978(?) we were living at the University of Rhode Island in graduate student housing. I remember him trying it with my sister once (she was the older one) and finding it difficult to manage.

I was introduced to the game in junior high. It was probably about 1982. As a nerd I was fascinated by the who fantasy role playing concept. There are two main impacts that Gary Gygax' works had on my life.

  • You see, I was not a reader. I could read, but I never chose to read. Dungeons and Dragons was a game that required reading and lots of it. But more importantly it introduced me to medieval fantasy concepts. At the age of 16 I suddenly started reading fantasy adventure novels. And from that point forward I consumed hundreds of books, fantasy and then science-fiction.

  • I was also not a jock. I never played sports well. I had a childhood of bad sports team experiences. Since I was not a jock I hand no regular exercise focus. That changed when my D&D friends introduced me to Dagorhir. All at once I had a focus for my physical fitness. I had desire to practice. I had desire to learn. I had desire to tune my body.

So thank you Gary Gygax for your contributions to this world. You help a young nerd find self confidence. I suspect I am not the only one.

The photograph was taken by and is copyright 2007 by the uploader, Alan De Smet. The photograph is multi-licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 and 3.0 licenses; you can select the license of your choice. Per the license, credit must be given to "Alan De Smet".

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Upcomming Green Builders of Norther Colorado Events

Dana Villeneuve of the Norther Branch of USGBC Colorado sent me the schedule of there upcomming events. Although I am not active with the Green Builders I keep an eye on what is going on (having done my entire Masters program stying building energy use). Here is what they have comming up:

March 4th Lunch-n-Learn: Building Design Simulation Tools
This seminar will be presented by Timothy Moore of Whole Systems Design. Timothy will discuss a broad range of building design simulation tools – from basic solar access and glazing selection to double-skin facades, UFAD, and natural ventilation. For more information on the presentation, please contact me at evuenelliv(a*)
This will be a brown bag lunch event. Please RSVP to evuenelliv(a*)
Where: New Belgium Brewing Company, 500 Linden Street, All-Staff Room
When: March 4th, 12:00 – 1:30pm
March 26th Lunch-n-Learn: Ice Energy
This seminar will be presented by Ram Narayanamurthy of Ice Energy. Ice Energy® is an energy technology company focused on energy storage and advanced cooling and refrigeration products and technologies. The company manufactures and markets a new Ice Storage Air Conditioner (ISAC) product line for residential and commercial applications that addresses the increasing demand for electricity.
This will be a brown bag lunch event. Please RSVP to evuenelliv(a*)
Where: Location TBD, Fort Collins
When: March 26th, 12:00 – 1:30pm

March 27th – June 12th: Green Building Certificate Program
The IBE has created a program focused on sustainable building tools and strategies, including LEED®, the nationwide rating system of the U.S. Green Building Council. The Green Building Certificate Program is an on-campus, accelerated evening program providing critical knowledge about emerging practices in commercial and residential building. This spring, the program will take place on Thursday evenings.
Please contact ibeinfo(a*) for more information.
Where: Colorado State University
When: Thursday evenings, March 27th – June 12th

April 16th Lunch-n-Learn: Solatube International
Candice Clark of Solatube® will be presenting the company's daylighting technologies at this Lunch-n-Learn event. Solatube International Inc. is the worldwide innovator and leading manufacturer of Tubular Daylighting Devices (TDDs).
This will be a brown bag lunch event. Please RSVP to evuenelliv(a*)
Where: Location TBD, Fort Collins
When: April 16th, 12:00 – 1:30pm

April 25th: Colorado Green School Summit
USGBC Colorado is teaming up with the DK Foundation to host this free, one-day seminar that highlights the economics and principles of building high-performance school buildings, state policy and programs for designing such schools and a series of case studies from school districts across Colorado.
For further information about the Summit, please contact Deb Kleinman at 303.454.3391 or deb(a*); or Matt Samelson at 720.932.1544 or msamelson(a*)
Where: The Denver Art Museum, downtown Denver
When: April 25th, all day

Monday, March 3, 2008

I appear in the ASES annual report.

My friend Dan Bihn was photographer at ASES 2006 conference and one of his photos that featured myself appears in the ASES annual report this year (on page 14). I am speaking with United Nations Foundation President Tim Wirth. I remember the conversation did not go well. I believe that I insulted him when I stated that I believed that the business community had more direct impact upon our cultural direction than any government entity. It was a faux pas that brought an abrupt end to our conversation. Such is life.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Heppelmann talks on Cheerleading Windchill. Who will cheerlead CoCreate?

CoCreate LogoPTC Logo

In a recent Wall Street Journal article, Jim Heppelmann talks about his experience coming from a company that was acquired by PTC.

To make it work, Mr. Heppelmann had to become a cheerleader. "I needed the executive team at the acquiring company to feel like they just acquired the hottest thing ever," he says. He also met with Parametric's biggest customers to sell them on his product.

I do not see CoCreate executives jumping in to follow Heppelmann's lead. In fact, quite a number of them have decided jump ship instead. So who will be the cheerleader for CoCreate?

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ultimate Resource for Leaders Launches

The main reason that there were no posts in February is do to my working hard to get The Ultimate Resource for Leaders website ready to go. This is a web site for leaders by leaders. The site is still evolving and content generation is still a bit slow as we try to educate the 1300 members on how to use it to promote there leadership activities. Currently membership is closed. Once the website gets going with some content development, there will be a plan on how to start adding additional leaders.

Now that that is done (mostly), I will be spending more time on Extreme Standardization.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Is Multitasking Killing Us?

My friend Ray Frush sent me this one.

Multitasking messes with the brain in several ways. At the most basic level, the mental balancing acts that it requires—the constant switching and pivoting—energize regions of the brain that specialize in visual processing and physical coordination and simultaneously appear to shortchange some of the higher areas related to memory and learning. We concentrate on the act of concentration at the expense of whatever it is that we’re supposed to be concentrating on.

Some funny and disterbing conclusions can be found in this Atlantic article.

Monday, January 14, 2008

The Necessity of Unproductivity

Dr John Breeding has a very different view of mental health than the main stream. I found this quote to resonate with my life.

One major effect of compulsive productivity is to powerfully inhibit our ability to live in the spiritual truth of our complete interconnectedness with all of life, and particularly with our fellow human beings.

I agree! Personal experience shows that the less busy I am the more spiritually connected I find myself. I just tend to make myself very busy. Am I simply trying to escape the real meaning of life? Not sure.

Read the article at:

Friday, January 11, 2008

FCtrip shows road activity in Fort Collins

Jim Cook sent me a link to the FCtrip website. This web site shows the current traffic conditions in Fort Collins. You can click on camera icon for each intersection and they select the direction you wish to view. Check it out.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A not so shocking job that is very different

My friend Rob Gardener sent me this one. How about a new job as a high voltage cable inspector? Not a job I would be good at. Here is a job that requires attention to detail and high level of trust (in helicopters and their pilots). Truly fascinating work though. Watch the video at

Monday, January 7, 2008

Wow! Venessa German on Pop Tech

Chris Jordan sent me this one and I thought "Wow!" As an active public speaker and member of Toastmasters I was very impressed with this woman's ability to weave words and body movement into a captivating presentation. Anyone who is a member of Toastmasters can learn from this presentation.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Bank on Humankind

My friend Pauline Brinkerhoff sent me this article and it was a nice reminder of what it is all about. I am reminded that life is really made up from all the connections between people. Article: Bank on Humankind

Friday, January 4, 2008

The Story of Stuff

My friend Rich Young sent me this link. I was very impressed with the work done. My son Will (age 9) watched the entire 20 minute video and he really gets it. I wish more Americans would get it. I am trying to figure out how to link this into the project.