Tuesday, April 1, 2008

If only Virgle was a real project

Something happened when I was a child. I was an environmentalist and loved the woods and outdoors. Then Regan began a campaign against the environment while I was in high school. I lost my faith that we humans were going to save our environment. I gave up on the earth.

I was a high school kid and very interested in science and technology. I grew up on Star Trek and Star Wars in the post Apollo era. As a result I decided that Space was where our future lies. I did not pursue becoming the environmental scientists in college. Instead I turned to Space and earned a Bachelors of Science in the Space Sciences.

I remember the time leading up to my decision for the Space Sciences. I was a geeky high schooler sitting on my bed reading non-fiction books about the planets and stars. The most interesting books I had were the ones on colonizing other planets and in particular mars.

So even though I can appreciate the humor of the Virgle April Fools Project, I am also saddened by the lack of progress humanity has made in this area. Frankly, I would find a good joke on the world to be if Google and Virgin actually turned around and did the project. Ah, I am back in my fantasies again.

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