Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Other Game Company to add new card products

The other day I wrote The Other Game Company (TOGC) to tell them what I was up to and what I needed from them. Here is what I had to say:

Dear Other Game Company

I love your cards and I am currently using them to teach two game groups the d20 system.

To help them along I have a sheet of paper with a square for the right hand and a square for the left hand in which they can place your equipment cards. This allows the players to specify what they are using and change things around during combat.

On that same piece of paper are 3 more squares two Standard Action squares and a Free Action square. In one Standard Action square the spell casters can place your spell cards. I have some business cards I printed the names of the common actions “move, run, draw weapon, etc”which the players can place in there standard action boxes. The players can choose to place a full action card across both boxes.

What I would really like is a set of quality Action cards. Things like “Draw Weapon” which explains that this is a normal action unless you have the quick draw feat in which case it is a free action. Or “Concentrate on a Spell” which has all the concentration penalties listed based on the surrounding conditions. Things like that.

I down loaded the Healing Fireball Productions Combat Cards from RPGnow. They are useful as quick references but do not fill my needs.My goal is to speed up combat by simply allowing the players to lay down a set of cards representing thier actions. Less time explaining, less Munchkin (a big problem when I run my son’s game).

You are the guys who make great cards. I hope you will take up this challenge.

Dave Graham

Here is what they had to say in response to this request.

thanks for your ideas!

We're planning two new card products, and something like Action Cards is one of them. Newcomers have always been the main focus of our attention when it comes to cards - right now we're in the planning stage of how to pull a project like that off.

I can't give you an ETA right now, as TOGC has some major changes coming. We're about to relaunch or site, so watch that space.

FYI: the upcoming update for the Complete Item Cards will include a sheet for all equipment a character can carry. This will be similar to the sheet you're using, minus the places for action cards - but I'll think about incorporating something like that. So thanks again!

Stefan Pietraszak,

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