Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Letter to Barack Obama

I sent this letter to Barack Obama today.  I seem to have come to the conclusion that he is America’s best bet at this point.


Dear Barack Obama:

The formula for a wining campaign:

Assemble a “Dream Team” cabinet now and run the Team.

The job of president is so big, that the president has a cabinet to help him with policies and decisions.  His choices say a lot about his leadership style.  Gorge W. Bush has surrounded himself with a few power brokers and a bunch of yes men.  America can see that!  And we do not want it.

My suggestion is simple.  Build a “dream team” of the best of the best right now.  For example: Bring in an expert on security to be your Secretary of Homeland Security after the election.  Put that person on the campaign trail and build American confidence in a vote for you is a vote for good security.  Then find an expert for Secretary Commerce, think big, perhaps invite Alan Greenspan.  There is a name that Americans will get behind.  Keep doing that until you have an unstoppable team.

Be diverse in your selection; remember America is fed up with Yes Men in the administration. We want competent people who can debate the merits of Government Programs.  Dare to cross party lines.  I would suggest bringing back Collin Powel.  A person who many of us Americans believe has a great deal of integrity and got screwed by the Bush administration.

The goal: Create a group of leaders who are diverse enough to have broad appeal and determined to lead this country forward (most Americans feel stagnated).  Have this group assembled early in the election cycle and put them on the road as surrogate candidates.  Build America’s confidence in each area of expertise so that even if they are not sure if you personally have a plan, they believe that you have surrounded yourself with great individuals who can work out a plan.   A plan that is balanced and fair that has had the input of diverse opinions.

I like your campaign and believe your relative youth in the system allows you to break norms.  No one has ever tried to run a full executive team for President before.  I think the first person who does will dominate the election cycle and forever change how US Presidents get elected.

Who am I? I am Dave Graham an individual who has a personal interest in the study of leadership.  I have many more ideas around this concept; let me know if you are going to pick it up.  Please feel free to call me at (970) 484-4577. I am happy to talk with your campaign staff. 

Dave Graham




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Unknown said...

I really like your idea of identifying the dream team early and getting them involved. I think you're "right on" with your assessment of the problems of the current administration being in large part due to the company it kept.