Monday, August 27, 2007

How did Al Gore appear at the Tokyo and New York Live Earth Concerts without a lot of CO2 from Air Travel?

Al Gore who was the host of the Live Aid concerts appeared upon the stage at the Tokyo concert as well as the New York concert. How did he do it without a flight half way around the world that would have produced large amounts of CO2? Holography! The holographic image of Al Gore was projected onto the stage at the Tokyo concert. The image appeared to the audience to be in 3D and he was able to speak and make hand gestures and directly address the audience. The technique used by Musion Eyeliner to create there holography is a technology that I believe will become more and more cost effective with time. Read about it at their web site. It continues to emphasize a point I believe is rapidly becoming reality. You do not need to be a world traveler to be a world citizen. The future continues to show that worldwide collaboration will not require the energy needed for travel. How much money are companies unnecessarily spending on travel? How much are they contributing to Global Warming?

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