Friday, August 31, 2007

Bicycle Crash

I was riding to work yesterday morning and the right pedal of my Dahon Speed D7 sheared off. The metal post for the pedal broke off.  This happened when I was in 7th gear going fast and hit a hill and then stood up on the pedals.  The pedal snapped and I went down.  Luckily I was helmeted and suffered only road rash and a light headache.  I work with a bunch of Mechanical Engineers ( and after examining the broken pedal they concluded that the part had a manufacturing flaw.  I would hope so, since the bike has only been used for three months and I only weigh about 130lbs.  When I was filling out my warranty form online (thought it would be prudent to be in the system before I show up at the bike shop today), I noticed that there was a small sticker down by the serial number that said “Assembled with parts made in the U.S. and China”.  Makes me wonder if this part was not suffering from what is now becoming the “China” syndrome of poorly manufactured products.  I will keep readers up to date as I find out more.

I still like the bike a lot, just not sure I trust it.

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