Wednesday, December 5, 2007

What have I been up to.

Those who are following my activities will notice a lack of blog postings lately.  So here is a quick summary of what I have been up to.


1)       Worked as a judge for the First LEGO League.  I thought that this might help with networking local support for but it did not amount to much.  It did make me better understand the challenge and I was thinking of running a team for for next year.

2)       I am not working much on web site.  I am lobbying the project supporters to change the name to Extreme Standardization, Interconnect, and Integration.  People seem to get that name better.  So I intend an entire web site rework and re-launch of the project at the beginning of the year.

3)       I have been spending much of my free time working on the Ultimate Resource for Leaders which is the new web site.  This project is to launch at the start of next year.  I am hoping to leverage this community to help me in re-launching the concept.

4)       Christmas is near and that means more projects with for presents.  Can’t describe them here, someone might get a clue as to what will be coming under the tree this year.

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