Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Thinking about a living Christmas tree for next year

So for the past 12 years, Margaret and I have had a artificial Chirstmas tree. I always thought that this is the best way to go. Rather than cut trees use them and then chip them up. I just can't get into the disposable pattern of a cut tree.

I do miss the feeling of the real tree though and a friend of ours did a living Christmas tree this year in their home. But the question of "What do you do with it?" always comes up. Well I have been reading at about living Christmas trees. They suggest just giving it to the local park department or landscaper and letting them have it to plant.

It occured that this is a great gift for the environment. I pay for the nursery to grow a tree and then by giving the tree away will likely add another tree to the earth to help combat climate change. I plan to establish the recipient before I purchase the tree.

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Chris Ballard said...

It makes sense to think about what you're going to do with the tree once your holiday season is over. For me, being able to use a living christmas tree year on year is a huge part of the appeal. We purchased a smaller tree (it was about 5') and kept in the house for 6 days...then we planted it in the back yard. The kids really learned some important things about using re-usable items so it was worth the extra effort.