Sunday, July 15, 2007

Peak Oil Economic Opportunity

Peak Oil Economic Opportunity was a speaking campaign that I started about two years ago. I have since moved onto other speaking topics like Global Warming. I still believe in the concepts of the Peak Oil Economic Opportunity campaign and I am willing to share them with anyone or any business that is interested in hearing and exploring the potential opportunities. This is the blurb that I was using to describe the speech:

Based on the latest ASPO model Peak Oil is expected to occur around 2010. Current oil production is flat or slightly rising. Oil demand is continues to rise as developing nations, in particular China, are seeking more of this resource. A monumental shift is coming to the world economy. At the current $75/barrel price, the world oil market is about to $2 trillion a year. It is a market that is headed for shortages and eventual decline.

Now is the time for each and every company to look carefully at their processes and products. Those who do are likely to leverage the change in the economy to their advantage, getting ahead of competitors who are slow and reactionary to these new conditions.

Dave Graham speaks on the Peak Oil Economic Opportunity (POEO) to educate business groups about these impending changes. To work with individual companies to examine there markets and understand how they can best leverage this change. To help facilitate the development of the kinds of disruptive technologies and processes that will be needed in the post oil economy. And to assist businesses in finding the sustaining technologies they will need to remain competitive in the marketplace.

Dave is on a personal mission to lead the corporate change that will facilitate the next revolution of the global capitalist economy. Called the green revolution by some, Dave knows this revolution goes much further than fuel substitution, efficiency, or localization. It will change fundamental business practices, process, technologies and paradigms in all sectors of the economy. No business will be free of the impact. Dave seeks to be on the forefront by sharing with businesses why now is the best time to lay the foundations for them to become innovators in their markets. Dave is educating the business community about disruptive technologies and processes as well as business-concept innovation. And, why right now is the time to get curious about the how, what, why and where of your business. A wave is coming, some business will leverage it, use it to trump competitors and create new markets. Others will find themselves in reactionary mode, playing a catch-up game. It is a time to be agile.

Dave Graham is a leader, facilitator, and trainer who has a background in agile software development. Working in the world’s fastest changing industry, Dave has created a personal expertise on what it really means to have an agile company and respond rapidly to change. Dave who is a strong supporter of environment sustainability sees the market environment as reflecting the cycles found in nature. He challenges all to ask, “Is my business ready for the peak oil market cycle?”

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