Sunday, July 15, 2007

Climate Change Challenges and Our Bright New Future

I am still activily speeking on Global Climate Change and how it impacts us in Colorado. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in scheduling a presentation. Here is the presentation write-up:

Dave Graham takes the audience on an exciting ride through the shocking reality of our looming climate crisis, and he ends with a powerful call to action. His audiences leave feeling empowered and part of the solution. Using statistics and basic science in language and modes that audiences easily grasp, Dave Graham discusses the human and earth relationship and how, as a species, we came to this change point. Ending with a section he calls “The Fun Next Step,” he illustrates with clarity and inspiration how individuals can make changes today that will enrich their lives and the lives within their communities. After a brief break for questions, he invites his audience to dream into a bright future and virtually takes them there. A dynamic and entertaining speaker who delivers a compelling presentation with beautiful graphics, Dave Graham receives strong feedback for this presentation.

About the Speeker:

Dave Graham has a long history of environmental concern. Much of his childhood was spent in the woods or beaches of Rhode Island and Maryland.

After graduating from Florida Institute of Technology with a degree in Space Sciences, Mr. Graham went to work in the Earth Sciences branch at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. There, in the early 1990’s he assisted scientists in their studies of climate change, traveling to places such as Glacier National Park and the boreal forests of Canada.

In 1995, Mr. Graham came to Fort Collins, Colorado to attend in Colorado State University (CSU) where studied at the Solar Energy Applications Laboratory, graduating in 1998 with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering.

After CSU, he and his wife Margaret decided to stay in Fort Collins to raise their children. Since that point, his career has broadened his experience. He has developed tools for monitoring the environment. He has worked on modeling pest damage at the U.S. Forest Service. He has developed systems for the dispatching and control of distributed energy generation.

Throughout his experiences, Mr. Graham, has learned the power of the market place and the role of the business community in shaping our world. He has a way of casting dire problems into opportunities. This is reflected in his previous speaking campaign entitled “Peak Oil Economic Opportunity.”

In December of 2006, Dave Graham was selected to be one of 1,000 people to receive training by The Climate Project, founded by Al Gore. He has been pleased to have had the opportunity to inform and excite communities about both the problems of Global Climate Change and, more importantly, how much fun and business opportunities exist as we face these challenges.

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