Thursday, September 6, 2007

Great Weird Al Yankovick Concert Last Friday

I along with my son Will along with his friends Beau and Ryan along with Ryan's father Micheal went to see Weird Al Yankovick in concert last Friday. It was a great show with no intermission because he uses videos between sets to give himself time to rest and change costumes. It was pretty PG13 on the material. I don't think it scared any of the nine year olds who were with us. He did play "The Saga Begins" along with "Yoda" which really made Will's day. Will is a big Star Wars fan. In addition he did do "White and Nerdy" which is my personal theme song. It was interesting to here, because he slowed the tempo in order to get all the words out. I have tried to sing that song, and it is very difficult to sing at the speed of the production version. Here is another nerdy video for your entertainment.

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