Monday, October 1, 2007

System Big Play to go for Buckminster Fuller Design Challenge

The System Big Play Project will be submitting a proposal for the Buckminster Fuller Design Challenge.  The challenge will give a $100,000 cash award to a project that will help lead humanity to sustainability upon this earth.


The Buckminster Fuller Challenge seeks submissions of design science solutions within a broad range of human endeavor that exemplify the trimtab principle. Trimtabs demonstrate how small amounts of energy and resources precisely applied at the right time and place can produce maximum advantageous change.

Solutions should be:

·         Comprehensive — a clear demonstration of holistic systems thinking.

·         Anticipatory — projectively tracking critical trends and needs; identifying and assessing long term consequences of proposed solutions.

·         Ecologically responsible — reflective and supportive of nature's underlying processes, patterns and principles.

·         Verifiable — able to withstand rigorous empirical testing.

·         Replicable — capable of being readily undertaken by others.

·         Achievable — likely to be implemented successfully and broadly adopted. “

The System Big Play Project is uniquely qualified to meet this challenge.


There is an extremely tight schedule to fulfill this goal.  The deadline for entry is October 30th.  I am quickly assembly a team.  We will be seeking the help of The Colorado Nonprofit Association to get started quickly.  Grant writing has already begun amongst those people who already expect to be part of the team.  If anyone is interested in learning more please call me at (970) 484-4577.

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